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Head: Admiral Keel-Haul
Torso: Self-Cast W.O.R.M.S.
Arms: Wild Bill V2
Waist, Thighs: CORPS!
Lower Legs: CP Cobra Commander (Hologram)

Blackhawk was one of my three entries for NJC#27- "All This, And World War II." I really enjoyed the run of DC's Blackhawk comic in the 80's, and this was a concept I had been thinking of for quite some time. I wanted to use a W.O.R.M.S. torso, but those figures were quite expensive, so I decided to try to cast one of these torsos myself. I won't be doing it again. The torso had to be super-glued together, and didn't quite fit, although the photos turned out ok. There's been some (justified) criticism that the figure had a 'lipstick' look, but I felt I had to do something to define the lips after dremelling off the Admiral's mustache.

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