Head: Shipwreck v1 modded
Torso: Stalker v1 modded
Arms: Skidmark
Waist: Shockwave v1
Legs: Shockwave v1
Accessories: 9mm guns from Marauder

As a kid I always thought Shipwreck was lame in his navy outfit - was kind of hard to integrate him to play with other commando-looking Joes.
I like the Devil's Due take on him in night ops clothes and gear, and tried to re-create it.

The hardest part was carving vertical lines on the torso to match the arms and sleeves of the sweater. I used my Dremmel cutting wheel, but a finer and thinner sharp accessory/blade would have been better. Unfortunately, an X-acto didn't do here. Ideally a tool allowing to sculpt straight lines into plastic would have been great, but I think it came out just fine.

I cut off the navy hat and sculpted the new hat with green stuff.

I made a new filecard using elements from Shipwreck v1's and v5's filecards.

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