Head: Cesspool
Torso: Big Boa
Arms: Overkill
Waist: Molded
Legs: Sand Scorpion
Sword: Medieval Spawn (maybe)
All Modified

This project is the one that has taken me the longest. Doing a Warduke is not easy at all when you do not have the ideal pieces, but especially when there is a magnificent custom out there such as DarkHorse's.

I always like to add unique touches and this time the big change was the chest piece. I would have replicated the original one if I hadn't been stubborn about using Big Boa's ripped chest. Everything has been customized and simple things such as the blue chainmail actually took a really long time. I had to completely sculpt the right forearm since Overkill doesn't have one. The left arm was unfortunately the first piece I customized over a year ago when I wasn't a meticulous sculptor. Finally, the things I like the best, which came out of the December 2003 Dungeon Magazine Cover (the best Warduke ever): the enhanced shoulder pad with spikes, helmet with (slightly modified) bat wing-like ridges and Belt Skull.

Best of all, he's now my tallest figure (significantly taller than Venomous Maximus). And sure, one day I'll probably make the shield and enhance the sword, but, once again, why try to improve something DarkHorse has already perfected? Maybe one of these days...

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