Head: Neo-Viper
Torso and Upper Arms: VvV Alley Viper
Lower Arms: DTC Crimson Guardsman
Waist: VvV B.A.T.s
Legs: Cobra C.L.A.W.S
Firebat V2: Escape pod from the Skysweper jet.

As I was browsing around for new figures to add to my collection, I stumbled upon one that created a cool AVAC. I thought to myself, who is more qualified to pilot my Firebat V2 than the likes of AVAC.

I have always wanted an AVAC, but they were hard to find. Now, I made one to pilot my Firebat V2. Needless to say, I had to do alot of detailing to get the right figure I was looking for. I tried the Alley Viper head. It would have worked but I ended up messing up on his visor. I somehow made it more bugged out than a normal visor.
I ended up finding an old Neo-Viper head and painted it and.... presto, AVAC was created.

In addition, I use him as the Flight Commander for the Wild Weasel squad.

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