head = Knockdown
body = Gung Ho V3
upper arms = Shipwreck V1
lower arms = Big Boa
waist = Ripper V1
legs = Sagat
feet = Remco/General Patch

machine gun = Sgt Savage
ammo belt = Subzero V1
necklace = Dhalsim chest skulls/string/glue

I based this one off of Drew Hagerty's version after I saw it since Patrick Riley hosted customs from both of us. Again, this was back when I was new to modifying parts as you can see how badly the rivets are chewed on the forearms, but I was going for accuracy with the parts that existed at the time, and this one predates the Comic Pack version by almost a year. Had to repair the grip on the 30cal since this one had a defect that made it break off easily. Paintjob is kinda rough since I wasn't really good at doing detailed work then. Still hoping for a Hasbro version like this one.

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