Head: Good To Go (TriGate) repro
Torso: Good To Go (TriGate) Vampire Hunter with custom holsters
Right Arm: Valor vs. Venom Tunnel Rat with Wal mart Motocross racer forearms and hand with modified wrist angle
Left Arm: Valor vs. Venom Electric Eel with Wal Mart Motocross racer hand.
Waist: Spy Troops Agent Faces
Upper Legs: Valor vs. Venom Storm Shadow with modified holsters and pouches from Spy Troops Destro.
Knees: Valor vs. Venom Storm Shadow
Boots: Spy Troops Heavy Duty
Helmet: BBI
Beret: Alyosha's Corner (Broken Arrow)
Target pistols and giant Robocop sidearms: Alyosha's Corner (Broken Arrow)

Captain America's pilot, bodyguard and "wingman", Lt. Stone is often nicknamed "Lt. America" (which he hates) despite the fact that he's actually British by birth. He was seriously wounded when his prototype DragonHawk VTOL was shot down by terrorists on it's maiden flight. His mangled left arm and his eye were replaced by hi-tech prosthetics made of ground breaking new polymers, and each contains nasty little surprises for his enemies...

This guy looks like he came right out of Strong Bad's "On Point Kings" band of shady mercenaries. Robot Arm? Check! Missing Eye? Check! More guns than hands? Check! No moustache though. Still, he's so cool I just had to make him. I've "cast" him as Captain America's right hand man, sort of a new Bucky Barnes type, except less stupid, and far more useful. I really pulled out all the stops on this one, and I'm very pleased with how it turned out.

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