Head, torso, shoulders and left arm: JVC Destro
Beret: BBI
Tunic: Valor vs. Venom Dr. Mindbender
Legs: Valor vs. Venom Kamakura
Power Glove: Chap Mei hand, GI Joe weapon parts, Spiderman 2 Train Battle Dr. Octopus Tentacle piece
Left Shoulder Pad: DICE shoulder pad, modified, with Chap Mei chain
Right shoulder pad: Halloween novelty skull ring with belt from Star Wars Two Pack Mara Jade
Sword: Chap Mei
Sub Machine gun: Gi Joe various

The leader of SKAR is disgusted with the state of the world. The United States is the premier power in the world. The United States! A country made up of colonies of formerly powerful European countries, countries with real history and culture! Countries that deserve better! He intends to change that. And Mutants? Disgusting. Genetic accidents have no business lording it over good old fashioned humans, humans with class and pedigree. Perhaps there is a way to kill two birds with one stone...

I think GI Joe Extreme is pretty silly, but the bad guy designs are fantastic! I see no reason why Cobra should be the only bad guy organization in town, so SKAR steps up to the plate. Lots more of these. You can see "The Silencer" in the background of one of my pics.

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