Head: JVC Frostbite, heavily sanded
Ears and Symbol: Sewing Pattern Plastic
Body: WWE Build n' Brawl
Hands: SHS Wolverine minus claws

The fastest man alive!

I've always enjoyed the Flash, but there was something about him that made him seem really, really overpowered to me. I eventually realized that being the fastest man alive, but not having any other superpowers like strength, often means that he's the first witness on the scene! Bad guy is trashing the city in a tank! Flash gets there... now what? It's been fun coming up with scenarios for him.

I'm quite pleased with the way this turned out. I painted him with a mix of red, silver and gold to get the high sheen I wanted. I also left off the Yellow Boots, because I've never liked them. He's not wearing bright yellow gloves, why should the boots be solid yellow?

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