Head - ST Tomax/Xamot Pilot
Torso,Hands,Legs,Body - ST DepthCharge
Lower Legs - ST SnakeEyes

I played lotsa PC AD&D RPGS ... but never read any of the books. The 1st time I came across Drizzt is in the game Baldur's Gate.
Drizzt is a Drow/Dark-Elf Ranger that wields dual scimitar in AD&D terms. Not really sure about the story but if you need more info Google for it ... ;)

The reason I made this Custom Drizzt figure is cause I think it's pretty cool when I saw Drizzt with the dual Scimitars while playing Baldur's Gate.
The scimitars are called IcingDeath and Twinkle ... and I custom made them for this figure. Could've done a better job on it ... just too lazy.
This figure is based loosely on cover art from the Drizzt books. The colors are always dull on the book arts so I just used minimal colors on it.

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