Head: VvV Gen. Abernathy
Torso: VvV Leatherneck
Arms: ST Agent Faces w/ST Shipwreck lower arms
Waist, legs: VvV Beach Head
Helmet: DTC Rollbar
XM-8 (M18): Marauder, Inc.

Though he's getting up there in years, I imagine Hawk still can't stand the idea of always riding a desk while his people are out there risking their lives--particularly in my Vanguard universe, where the risk is supernatural terror, not human terror.

I've wanted for a very long time to do a "combat ready" version of Hawk to match the other Vanguard version (in his daily uniform) but couldn't figure out how to make the head work; finally I simply trimmed the top off a Gen. Abernathy head (removing the garrison cap as it were) and used Green Stuff to fill that back in, using, in turn, the helmet to shape it.

The rest of him is actually an update to a previous version of this figure, using the VvV Beach Head waist/legs, which filled him out better, I felt, than the previous legs I'd used (Coil Crusher) and gave him more the tough, ready leader look I associate with Hawk.

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