Entire Body: Comic Pack Destro
Head, Hands and Holster: Destro Version 1

In his first couple of appearances in the comic, Destro was always more blue than black or gray. So I liked the idea of this Comic Pack Destro when he came out, but I wasn't a big fan of the silvery-blue gauntlets, purple holster or vacuum metalized head.

Swapped everything out, was going to paint the purple boots and straps black and make the collar red, but decided I was pretty happy with the figure just the way he was. The purple and red on him works better now.

Now that there IS a decent vacuum metalized head in the DVD pack, with the eyes painted, I may have to make another version of this guy AND the Version 1 Destro, both with those newer heads. But thats another 30 or 40 bucks just to have some variant Destros with retro looking heads... So I think I'll put that off for awhile. I like the matte silver painted heads better anyway, even though for nostalgia's sake I still want to make the others just to remind me of the ARAH version.

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