Head - Cobra Firefly
Body - Urban strike Snake-eyes

Hat -Shockwave
Vest - Flint
Cuffs - Lockdown
Nightstick, pistol and rifle - elite commando

Shockwave was the youngest member of the Detroit Police Department's SWAT team, and the holder of two citations of bravery when he signed up for, and was accepted by the GI Joe team. When asked why he left a promising career to work longer hours for less pay, kicking in doors on better armed adversaries, Shockwave replied, "Do you think I do this for the money?" An Expert in executing successful assault tactics, Shockwave is the unit commander of Night Force, insuring their post-daylight search and destroy missions go off as planned. Everybody on a SWAT team has a specific job, like a choir. Choirs have tenors, baritones, altos , etc. SWAT teams have sharpshooters, climbers, and "inside men" Shockwave is the Door Kicker. He's the first inside and the first to find out how bad it really is.He's also a half-decent tenor when his voice is in shape...

When not commanding Night Force Shockwave also serves on The Rapid Deployment Force

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