Entire Body: Flint
Hands: Stalker
Upper Thighs: Ripper

Shotgun: Shipwreck

I could sort of handle the long sleeves, The head was decent if you found one that was painted right. I just could not stand those Duke wrists and thighs. I am so sick of everybody having ONE pocket. You know how many pairs of camouflage pants I owned in the 80's? Guess how many pockets were on them.

Anyway I thought the Ripper thighs were my best bet. Flints pockets were supposed to be on the front just like Ripper's. I painted them an olive green similar to the lower legs, painted the lower legs as well, so everything matched perfectly, then started the camo. I wanted the brown to blend in a little better so I mixed it in with the same olive green, just a tiny, tiny bit. This muted it a little more.

I used the same olive green on the trim of Stalkers hands/gloves since the original Flint had that green watch on one hand. Not perfect but considering what I had available at the time, I'm pretty happy with him. At some point I'll give him short sleeves. And now that I know how to trim down the back pegs on the ARAH backpacks, I'll have to do that and paint up a flint backpack for him.

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