Head: Hannibal(Modded)
Torso: Torpedo(Details Dremeled off)
Arms:(Upper)Snake-Eyes, (Lower)Destro with Snake-Eyes hands Super Glued on
Legs:(Upper)Ninja-Ku, (Lower)Zartan

Young Richard "Dick" Grayson had a charmed life. He was a member of a family of traveling circus performers known as the Flying Graysons. There he learned acrobatics, showmanship, and circus skills. Young Dick's life was about to drastically change and it would happen right in front of his very eyes.
In the middle of a performance, someone had cut the ropes to the trapeze act and Dick saw his family fall to their deaths. Dick sought out the man that killed his parents and was saved by Batman when the killer also tried to end Dick's life. Batman later adopted Dick as his legal ward and Dick moved into Wayne Manor. Unfortunately, Dick always felt like an outsider as Bruce Wayne kept his distance, Bruce not wanting the Bruce Wayne "persona" to become the surrogate father.
Later, Dick tracked down his parent's killer a second time, and was again saved by Batman when he was beaten. Batman later revealed that he was actually Bruce Wayne and offered Dick the job of sidekick. Dick agreed and was trained by Batman in Martial Arts, detective work, tracking, and other skills. He became Robin, Batman's partner in defending Gotham from evil.
Dick flourished as Robin and became a leader in his own right by helping to establish the superhero team the Teen Titans with Speedy and Wonder Girl. Things began to sour between Robin and his mentor though as Bruce became more cold and calculating in his crime fighting and Dick grew distant from the man who was his adoptive father.
Things came to a head when Dick decided to leave the Bat family and stop being Robin. In a conversation with Superman, Dick heard about an old Kryptonian legend of Nightwing and with Superman's blessing, Dick decided to take up the Nightwing Mantle.

Now, Nightwing prowls the streets of New York City. His relationship with his former mentor Bruce Wayne is repaired and Dick has become a mentor of his own with the new Robin, Tim Drake. New York City has a new protector and as Nightwing, Dick Grayson has become the man and hero his family always hoped he would be.

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