Main Body= Combat Heroes Snake-Eyes
Arms= Batle Damage Snake-Eyes/ Storm Shadow comic pack
Hands= Gears of War Dominic Santiago
Legs= The Corps figure
Sword= Combat Hero Snake-Eyes cut and glued onto 12 in Snake-Eyes knife
Gun= Combat Hero Snake-Eyes gun front glue onto Gears of War weapon

I really like the Combat Heroes but there is not enough articulation, so I decided to give Snakes a full range of motion. He can look side to side and up and down. Snakes has swivel thighs, knee joints and ball and socket thighs, he can do full splits or fantastic kicks to Zartanís face. Due to the over-sized feet, Snakes is able to maintain his balance without support. I added the extra articulation yet tried to maintain the Combat Hero look and feel.

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