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Body: Capt Ace (RIT dyed, painted)
Hands: 25th Cobra Trooper (RIT dyed, painted
Head: BBI (modified)
- Helmet: Wild Bill v12
- Vest: Wild Bill v12
- AK variant: Marauder Inc

File Name: Various
Primary Military Specialty: Helicopter Pilot
Secondary Military Specialty: Various
Birthplace: Various
Grade: WO-1 (Warrant Officer) or higher or O-2 (Lieutenant) or higher

Heli-Vipers are the designation for Cobra's tactical utility helicopter pilots. Since Cobra follows doctrine focusing heavily on asymmetric warfare, a non-linear/non-contiguous battlespace and deep operations, tactical aviation is a critical enabler. The skills required to fly a helicopter are quite precise, so Cobra recruits heavily from armies and air forces - particularly in many former Eastern Bloc countries where the men are tough, no-nonsense flyers used to austere conditions and happy to get what Cobra pays them. This has given the Heli-Viper corps a reputation as a pretty rowdy bunch. However, they get few complaints from the infantry, who are impressed with their flying, grateful for the firepower they provide, and very thankful for the MEDEVAC.

* I figured I should rescue an obvious name for a Cobra Helicopter Pilot (from the ignominy of just being the guy strapped to the Battle Copter) and have him be a respectable aviator.

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