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Head: Fast Draw
Torso: Road Pig
Waist, Legs: Big Boa
Helmet: Chap Mei

This was one of my entries for NJC #28, Four Degrees of Collision. I had been wanting to make a Wrecking Crew for quite some time. This figure was one of the hardest to part out. It was only after I decided to use the diving bell helmet as the 'ramming' feature of this custom did the rest of the parts fall into place. This custom also had the most 'after contest' work done to it. The original NJC entry had a Charbroil head, although it couldn't be seen through the faceplate. I wanted to go with a more conventional helmet for my final touches, and ran across this helmeted head in my fodder box. The final touch was to cut the diving bell helmet into a shoulder piece and a head piece, trying to get a more 'classic' look to the figure (without the head piece on)

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