Head: Hi-Tech
Goggle (shown on third or forth pic): Lowlight
Torso: Snake Eyes
Arms: Hi-Tech
Waist: Snake Eyes
Legs: Snake Eyes (modified with pouches and a holster)
Vest: Steel Brigade Troopers (modified with Grenades and Snake Eyes sword and dagger)
Helmet: Barroll Roll (modified with 25th Anniversary Snow Serpeant Goggles and plate visor)
Knee pads: Unknown

In addition to The Wraith figure, I am working on a three figure set that includes The Wraith, Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow.

After he encounters his brother; Storm Shadow, The Wraith appears from nowhere and attacks both of them. Now, He and Storm Shadow have to put their differences aside and work together to defeat this enemy.

After numerous attempts of making the ultimate Snake Eyes custom, I happened to stumble upon a Snow Serpeant at Wal-mart and said to myself, this is what I need. I said to myself...Now, where to put the goggles. I remembered I had the helmet from Barroll Roll. I put it on there and noticed one more item mission, The mouth piece. I took it off the Snow Serpeant and sanded it down and glued it to the helmet. Repainted the goggles blue and red and painted the mouth piece silver. Presto, Snake Eyes helmet. Now, to the fun part, the vest. I wanted a bulky vest and I had a spare Steel Brigade vest that was all ready painted and therefore it made a big difference to him. I added the grenades to the front of the vest and added the Sword sheath and Dagger sheath to the back of the vest.

Then I added more pockets, vest ammo puches and etc to his lower legs to make him a little more bulky. The knee pads were a small challenge. In the end I glued them to the knee area and touched up with the black paint and we have Snake Eyes, removable helmet and all.

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