Head: Rebel Fleet Trooper
Body: SDCC Cobra Commander
Hat: KOTCS Indy
Glasses: Dr. Henry Jones
Jacket: Toht

Damn you Hasbro. Why? Why did you have to release the body of a cancelled Indiana Jones Figure as SDCC exclusive Cobra Commander. It is a very painfully experience to have to open the card of a $30-$40 figure to use as custom fodder. That Sure hurt the wallet.

With Toht I wanted to try and stay as close to his screen look as possible and what better whay than to use the body that was originally designed for the character. The Rebel Fleet Trooper head was sanded down so he has the bald spot and pretty shinny dome. The trench coat fits really nicely on the figure. Now I just need to get another one to replace on my vintage figure.

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