Simon Katanga

Head: Dr. Link Talbot
Torso: 25th Beach Head
Arms: 25th Beach Head
Hands: don't remember
Legs: TLC Indy
Holster: Vogal
Hat: General Flagg

Simon Katanga was a figure that I had wanted as kid in the old Kenner Indiana Jones line and obviously never got. When the new line hit the shelves I had hoped that maybe if the line survived a few waves maybe I would get one. Alas, it was not to be. So being the resourceful guy that I am..I made my own. The torso transplant was kinda of pain in the butt and did require a bit of green stuff in the back to fill in the gap. I also resculpted the hair of the Link Talbot figure since I can't really see Katanga sportin the dreads.

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