DTC Barrage Head (modified)
25A Comic Pack Storm Shadow Torso
25A Roadblock legs
25A RB v2 machine gun
Marauder vest

Some might consider this a simple alt. version of Major Barrage. But as the likeness to Adam Baldwin (Jayne Cobb from Firefly as by Mysterious Stranger) has been shown before, I had Animal Mother in mind for this, and so Animal Mother it is (Baldwin's character from Full Metal Jacket for those who are not familiar). The last pic shows him with the goatee. Removing this for the final version was the last step in getting away from Barrage.


The nihilistic machine gunner of the Sentinel's team, Animal Mother is contemptuous of any authority but his own, and attempts to rule by intimidation. Animal Mother believes victory should be the only object of war. He originally joined the military to avoid going to jail for stealing a car.

His general disregard for human life, or for human laws clearly conflicts with the morals of the EXCAL upper echelon. And his inclusion in EXCAL is frowned upon by Knighthawk, and most of the Paladin Knights. But one knight, The Sentinel, has a longstanding relationship with Animal Mother from their time spent together in Afghanistan, and has "mostly" been able to keep him reigned in. The exceptions usually result in an entertaining read in the command reports, no doubt.

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