Head: Mattel Dark Knight Bruce Wayne
Body: 25th Ace
Hands: 25th General Hawk

Ace had been sitting in the back row of my Joe shelf with his helmet on, hiding the the ugly Wes Jansen head he was temporarily stuck with after I used his head for my custom Grunt.

I bought Bruce Wayne on a whim tonight at Target while driving around looking for new figures. I wasn't sure who he would be used for till I got home.

Something about the head reminded me of a combination of the ARAH figure, his comic appearance, the 25th figure and even the cartoon version, albeit with lighter hair. It just seemed to have this cocky, self-assured look to it that I associated with Ace.

After cutting and dremeling the head, I found it wouldn't stay on since the neck post was so short. I solved this by pushing the neck ball onto one of the heating elements on our stove top. It distorted and melted the plastic just enough and I ended up with a tight fit. The head snaps on and off like any other 25th figure, now.

And my Wife doesn't need to know I was melting plastic in her kitchen again.

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