Head - CORPS Figure (that i think was made for Big Lob)
Body/Arm/Legs/Waist - Unknown CORPS figures

Gun - Duke

Bag - Beachhead

File Name: Brad Sanders (the name of the actor that portrayed him in the movie)

PMS: Grenadier/Infantry
SMS: Physical Trainer

Birthplace: Charlotte, NC

Big Lob was an important player in the Cobra La war.

The war may never have been won if not for Falcon, Chuckles, Jinx, Tunnel Rat, Law and Big Lob.

After the war, Duke and Hawk re-assigned Big Lob to a classified mission. He is under deep cover and is ordered to maintain complete radio silence. Un-officially Big Lob was transmitting a scheduled status report when his transmission was cut short. Now presummed M.I.A.

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