Head: Kamakura (modified)
Chest: NS Ace
Arms: NS Snake Eyes
Waist: NS Gung Ho
Legs: NS Dusty (modified)


Another foreign custom.

I approached this figure as an individual character instead of an army builder, which I think it actually was. I see him as more of a Firefly type.

The original figure was, of course, a Snake-Eyes figure with a silver Cobra logo. I wanted to keep the black fatigues and goggles, but make it look like it wasn't SE.

The first step was to sculpt the goggles, but place them rested on the forehead instead of covering the eyes. The second step was to shift the colors a bit.

I was surprised by how well the Ace chest works as a tactical vest. The Dusty legs are nice, but adding the cargo pockets makes them seem a bit more practical for a guy who might be lugging a lot of gear around.

Doc Rob and Dr. Bindy helped me out on this one. To avoid the figure having the all-black look, I knew I needed to do something a bit different. The burgundy vest worked well, but it needed more. DR and Dr. B suggested silver and green, two colors that I wouldn't have thought of using. The colors really work to give the figure its own color scheme and feel.

My biggest disappointment with the colors is the flesh tone around the eyes. It's a darker flesh tone, but still contrasts enough with the ski mask to appear lighter than it really is. Otherwise, I'm very pleased with the figure.

Thanks for looking.

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