Body - 25th Wild Weasel (modified)
Head - 25th Ace
Equipment - 25th Para-Viper (modified)
Weapon - Marauder John M-14

My first attempt at a custom and there's no sign of a 25th Anniversary Ripcord yet. I wanted this custom to match the original figure as much as possible so I sculpted the cargo pockets with green stuff and sanded down the boots. I had to Dremel the pockets on his chest, as the parachute harness would not sit right. Para-Vipers' equipment was cut and filled to suit.

Painting was done with Citadel acrylics, I tried to match to the original colors best I could. 
I tried to match the shoulder patch as best I could from the 1984 card art, which I felt was missing from the original.


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