All: 25th A.V.A.C.

Black Sharpie
Dull coat
Gloss coat

Gun: 25th Hawk, Breaker, Stalker, or Snake Eyes

I always wanted the original A.V.A.C. and Firebat, but never got 'em. As soon as I saw this version, I loved it- But the head... It just... Something... Not... Right...

I've had issues with the necks being too long on a lot of my 25th figures. I have no idea why, and I doubt anyone else even notices this, or considers it an issue. But the A.V.A.C. especially. The head was just too big and sitting way too high up on that tiny little Flash neck. It reminded me of Mayor McCheese.

I also had an issue with the heads not being colored the same silver as the rest of the figure. The molded silver plastic doesn't match up as well as I'd like, but I can live with it.

But the head still seemed woefully under decoed compared to the rest of the figure.

I fixed this by just taking a Sharpie and coloring in the "mouth". I really like when I can just do something simple like this and it completely changes the way I feel about the figure. You can see by the photos that halfway through the photoshoot I decided to color in the ribbed turtleneck also. I then taped off and dull coated the turtleneck and gloss coated the mouth.

Just those two little parts repainted, and the neck hole dremeled a little deeper and wider, and I have gone from apathetic to crazy about this figure. The helmet sits lower now like a pilot's normal helmet would, and there's a little little more contrast with the extra black on the neck and face.

They even look pretty good with the heads from the C.L.A.W. Pilot on them.

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