JVC Scarlett head
Spytroops Zarana chest
JVC Lady Jaye Arms & Torso
Burnout Legs

Baroness 04 Pistols
Snow Wolf 04 AK-47

This figure has been gathering dust in my basement for a good 5 years. She was created in a batch intended to be Headhunters... the same batch that produced my LBC Sideways (who was later re-assigned to my Echoes kick). I was going to put her in on the Female GP (and, after checking it out, she would be interesting as a possible foil for Sister Serpiente), but never had the opportunity to take a decent picture before the deadline. Now, I have another addition to the Dreadnoks colorful family, one I doubt anyone's ever thought they'd see.


Bloody Mary
File Name: Madaline, Mary A.
Birthplace: Belfast, Northern Ireland

Orphaned during the civil unrest that ravaged Northern Ireland, Mary earned herself a reputation from the sisters as a bad seed, rabble-rouser and, yes, even 'hellspawn'. Some of the Sisters were hopeful that her wild streak had subsided when she joined the convent at 18... a hope that was short lived when she purveyed her own twisted militant take on the word of the lord. She was kicked out a little over a year later, then taken in by the Irish Republican Army. Throughout her stint as a soldier she earned the nickname 'Bloody Mary', due to her sanguine hair and perchance for large body counts. She was later removed from the organization in 2001 for reasons unknown, soon taking jobs as a Soldier of Fortune and Genuine thug, none of which seemed to work out due to her extreme viewpoints. Somehow, she loaded weapons 'borrowed' from IRA safe houses and made her way across the pond, and found another group which was apparently willing to take her in... the Dreadnoks.

"Of all the 'colorful' characters we've run in to, I never thought we'd come afoul of an ex-nun who was trained for combat by the NRA who's now running with an Australian Biker Gang. Mary can brawl alongside the likes of Monkey-wrench, Ripper, and Road-pig without missing a beat, and has a mean streak attached to an extremely short fuse. Add that on to her philosophy of spreading the word of the lord 'one beating at a time' and you've got one especially scary lady."

"This dame packs enough heat to make a swat-team shiver, has a stare that can make a pit-bull cringe, and can recite Exodus word-for-word while giving you a sound beating. Some of us wonder if she isn't forcing the Nok's to take communion using Grape Soda and Doughnuts!"

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