Upper body: 25th Serpentor
Lower body: McFarlane Berserker Dragon
Sculpting for armor, eye, headband, etc.

Golobulus was the original founder of the Cobra Organization, in essence. He chose a citizen of Cobra-La to go out into the world and cause devastation in his name, this citizen would later become Cobra Commander. When Cobra Commander returned, a failure, Golobulus ordered him to be exposed to a special mutating spore which devolved him into a large snake. Golobulus also created the Cobra emperor, Serpentor, by implanting a mind manipulation device into Dr. Mindbender. Golobulus' plan is to use organic pods of Cobra-La that he sent into space to destroy humanity. When the pods mature, they will spread spores onto the Earth that will de-evolve all of the planet, except Cobra-La, into their most primitive forms. During the G.I.Joe's attack on Cobra-La, Golobulus is wounded in the eye by Lieutenant Falcon during their final struggle, and the injured Golobulus is seen escaping right before Cobra-La collapses. It is never made clear if he survived or died in the collapse of Cobra-La.

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