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Head- Shockwave 92
Torso- Big Boa 86
Upper arms- Dusty 91
Lower arms- Big Boa 86
Waist- Sgt. Slaughter 89
Upper legs- Big Ben 00
Lower legs- Dogfight 89
Bow- Storm Shadow 88
Arrows and quiver- Comic Pack Zartan
M60E3- Marauder Inc.
Knife- Marauder Inc.

Rambo. Ex-Green Beret. Vietnam Veteran. Medal Of Honor winner. Hero. Icon.

This custom is a commission for a fan of my work in Colombia, South America. 

Making this Rambo custom was not without it's share of difficulties, most noteworthy his head. I had the most problems sculpting his hair and not being satisfied with how it came out. I ended up going through 2 heads until I finally got it right. This is another custom that really put my skills to the test and at the same time pushed me to a higher personal standard.

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