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Head - 25th Beach Head
Torso, Upper Arms - 25th Destro
Lower Arms - 25th Serpentor
Hands - JvC Gung Ho Modified
Upper Legs - 25th Destro
Lower Legs - SHS Punisher
Chest Armour - ST Heavy Duty
Helmet - VvV SP Ace
Gun - Cobra La figure
Backpack - 25th Torpedo

Joseph Goldberg was a cop and a chaplain before the outbreak of the virus that turned the dead into zombies and the living into the living dead. While on patrol with his partner Reflex, he was bitten by a zombie and was fading fast. Reflex (one of the few known to be immune to the virus) having had field medic experience quickly gave him a blood transfusion to stave off the effects of the virus.
He was taken to the nearest facility and given a strain of the anti virus to keep him from turning. Despite all efforts this only had a temporary effect, so he has been fitted with an amour that gives him regular treatments to keep the virus from spreading. The anti virus along with synthesized blood from Reflex are kept in two containers that he carries with him in tanks similar to dive tanks. Joe now goes by Requiem in honor of the fallen.

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