Head: ARAH Repeater casting
Arms: CORPS!
Mech suit: Gundam Zaku
Knees: Barrel Roll

Known for being a survivor, Repeater, with the help of the Joe tech junkies, fitted himself with a mech suite to help protect him from zombie and Cobra attacks. He also fitted the suit with two cams instead of one, though they can be used one at a time to conserve ammo.
The "grunt for life" continues the battle in his search for survivors while protecting those who seek out a cure to the Dead End virus.

Here is the back story . . .

The events described in End of Days take place after Dead End*.

The zombie outbreak had all but doomed humanity. Government Scientists, in secret locations, work at fever pitches to reverse the effects and find a cure. Meanwhile the united leaders of the world agreed to level major Cities (which had been abandoned), using non-nuclear weapons, hoping this would get the virus under control, but it did not. The result was destruction and major power outages.

The battle between the G.I. Joe team and Cobra continues.

(*Dead End was a Dio-Story I had posted in 2003. It was taken off the internet in 2008. The story of Dead End described how Cobra created a virus based bio-weapon that could reanimate the bodies of the recently deceased. The weapon, The Dead End virus, was going to be sold by M.A.R.S. industries. During a demonstration, things went wrong and the infected corpses escaped. The virus spread worldwide in a matter of weeks.)

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