Head: DTC Barrel Roll
Torso, arms: SpyTroops Flint
Waist, Legs: SpyTroops Grunt
Vest: VvV Gung-Ho
Radio Pack: PTE
Beret: Bbi
Combat Shotgun: Marauder, Inc.

Real Name: Falcone, Vincent R.
Birthplace: Fayetteville, NC
Primary Military Specialty: Communications
Secondary Military Specialty: Medic
Grade: O-4
Branch: USA (Special Forces)
Primary Role: Commander, Vanguard A-squad/Communications
Preferred weapon: 12 ga. combat shotgun, Desert Eagle .50 Automatic

Falcon is one of the few original GI Joe members to be called to duty for Vanguard, and much has changed since he was a young lieutenant--not the least of which was a bloody first encounter with the paranormal. A more than capable leader, Falcon tends to have a "at a distance" style of command that prevents him from getting too close to those under him, which at times rubs the wrong way with his XO, Robert "Doc" Kramer. At the same time few have any reason to question his command decisions, and he very much believes that a team succeeds when everyone involved is just that--involved.

Since the Joes disbanded in 1987, Falcon has been part of various Special Ops and Black Ops units before, during and after the Third World War; he changed his field of specialty to communications at the start of the war and has become an expert on operating everything from the most high-tech radios to two cans with a string between them. He is less known for that though than being a hard-driving leader who completes his missions and brings his people back alive--although his faith in his abilities were shaken following the near loss of Special Tactical Operations Team Alpha in their encounter with the Minigun Horror.

Historically Falcon's grandfather, also named Vincent, was the leader of the Archangels, the WWII-era forerunners to the current Vanguard outfit. Just prior to deployment with Vanguard Falcon began having lucid dreams that seem to relate heavily to the Archangel's and now Vanguard's missions, dreams that seem to be more memories as seen through his grandfather's eyes, but he's hesitated to mention them to anyone...

Design Notes: The biggest change for Falcon was the head. I wanted something that looked older, as I imagine him to be, and I thought, "You know, that DTC Barrel Roll head looks a bit Italian, and Falcone is an Italian name, so..." That and it fit the beret rather well. :-) I also swapped out the torso/arms from the ST Beach Head originals I used to give him a look closer to his original self. Lastly I swapped out the Bbi M870 shotgun he carried for the more awesome Marauder Inc. combat shotgun.

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