Entire figure: Indiana Jones Dr. Henry Jones Sr., with head modified w/Green Stuff

Dr. Joseph Krist looks to be, on first sight, little more than a quaint old professorial type who talks with an English accent and tends to prefer wearing three piece suits in shades of gray and is never without his tattered journal in hand. Bespectacled and friendly, if not given to a lot of smiling, he is a patient man who often finds himself in a position of trying to convince people to throw away all their skepticism and embrace that yes, the things that go bump in the night, hide in the dark and linger at the edges of our vision are, in fact, quite real...and out to get us.

Fortunately the good doctor has plenty of experience and evidence to back him up, and has been advising world leaders since at least the Second World War. He has the ear of President Colton and Gen. Abernathy, and is a high-ranking member of The Black Watch, a worldwide organization of paranormal investigators who keep tabs not only on the supernatural beings which threaten mankind, but those also threatened by mankind. His knowledge of such things–as well as of history, philosophy, religion and a host of other subjects–is amazingly deep. One often feels there is more to him than meets the eye...and indeed, next to nothing is known about where he was born, or grew up, or was educated, and those who feel inclined to push the issue typically find themselves distracted just as quickly, and the matter soon forgotten.

Currently Dr. Krist is working closely with Vanguard as their chief adviser on the paranormal.

Design Notes: I'd had Dr. Krist in mind almost from the start, right down to what he looked like (he's based on John Hurt's Professor Bruttenholm, aka "Father", character from "Hellboy") and talked, but no parts to really do a custom...then up shows the Dr. Henry Jones Sr. Figure, and I KNEW I had him. I'd like to say he was an "easy" custom, but that would be lying; the figure took weeks, as the paint simply didn't want to stick and I ultimately had to hit him down with three layers of sealer to keep it on, then paint again. The head I modified to add a small goatee to the beard and more hair around his scalp; it isn't perfect, but it does the job. I opted to keep the journal (which is glued into his hand since it won't stay) and umbrella for effect.

Dr. Krist himself is...let's just say there's more to the man than meets the eye.

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