Head: Blast-Off 93
Chest: Repeater 88
Arms: Crankcase 85
Waist: Spearhead 88
Left thigh: Stalker 91
Right thigh: Dusty 91
Feet: Flint 85

Rifle Wreckage submachine gun
Backpack: Unknown

Code name: Beach-Head
File Name: Sneeden, Wayne R
P.M.S: Beach-Head's Brigade commander
S.M.S: Intelligence
Birthplace: Auburn, Alabama
Grade: E-6
S.N: RA 011-60-9231

I came up with Beach-Head's Brigade over a year or two years ago it's only now I've put the paints & parts together for this unit. I wanted to get the look of Stargate SG-1 in to this unit without making it look like they are members off SGC & I hope i have.

General Hawk files:
Beach-Head has been a pain in the neck over the last few years for his own unit at the time i keep turning him down until now that all the other units are busy. Because I'm commissioning him with his own unit mainly because off the report I've just been handed over an hour ago saying Tiger Force has been ambush by Python Patrol & the wounded are coming in as I write this up.

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