Head: Tomax with Fixit Sculpted hair
Body/arms: Indiana Jones German Soldier
Waist/legs/sunglasses: Comic 2-pack Firefly
Bionic Arm: Creech bendy tendril and scraps
Bandolier: Roadblock's ammo belt

"When Radd Spencer joined the Joes he knew he was in for the fight of his life against Cobra. But with his bionic grappling arm and advanced weaponry, that fight just got a lot more fun! Swinging through Cobra's military complexes and high security installations is a cakewalk for someone who doesn't need to obey the laws of gravity, flinging Cobra Troopers left and right with that bionic arm of his. Radd enjoys his job of charging in to the fight or sneaking above the enemy. Either way we're glad to have him on the team, even when he steals Shipwreck's brew from across the room!"

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