Head: Unknown
Torso: Slice(modified with Cobra Emblem)
Arms: 25th Anniversary Cobra Trooper
Waist: VvV Scarlett
Legs: JvC Cobra Commander
Cape: 25th Anniversary Cobra Commander
Bandolier: 25th Anniversary Iron Grenadier
Sword: 25th Anniversary Destro
Helmets: Battle Armor Cobra Commander, Battle Command Cobra Commander
Hood: VvV Cobra Commander


That's alot of parts that went into this custom.
I have always wanted a Cobra Commander that is cool looking and with removable battle gear.
In a new comic book storyline I am working on, he and the Vipers encounter a mysterious enemy known as The Wraith.
While needing assistance, he contacts Storm Shadow and sends him out on a quest to hunt for Snake Eyes so they can eliminate The Wraith.

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