MGS Ninja headshrink (from JFAK)
Body/ legs/ Uzi/ backpack - 25th SE
Armor - Tri-Gate creations
Arms - SW Shadowtrooper
Katana - Marauder John

Intelligence and espionage reports had spread word of the Dead End virus to Joe headquarters mere hours before the disastrous demonstration occurred. G.I. Joe commando Snake Eyes was immediately dispatched to infiltrate the M.A.R.S. labs and destroy any traces of the virus, and to also retrieve a cure. Unknowingly, time was of the essence, and by the time Snake Eyes arrived at his target, it was already too late. The virus was already ravaging the labs, and nearly all was lost before Snake Eyes parachuted onto the building's roof. Mindless hordes of zombies met Snake eyes as he entered the building, but were no match for his flashing blade. Swiftly zoning in on the target area, the Joe commando came face to face with the enormous and imposing Destroyer armor, worn by the blood spattered CEO of M.A.R.S. Industries, Destro. Before Snake Eyes could make sense of the situation, Destro hurriedly recounted the recent events that had transpired. In an offering of sincerity and desperation, Destro led Snake Eyes back to the M.A.R.S. prototype vaults and fitted him with the latest advanced infiltration suit, citing Snake eyes would be as good as dead without it.

Though less armored than the Destroyer armor, the Shadow armor was perfect for stealth missions and hand to hand combat, although it provides very little lower body protection in order to maximize freedom of movement. The steel face plate incorporates an infra red/ night vision cycloptic sensor, allowing the wearer to not only see in the dark, but also give a wider range of view than by unaided sight. Destro revealed the key components missing from M.A.R.S. research that could synthesize a cure to Snake Eyes as they fled through secret passages beneath the labs. My Little Pony Games Both men knew they had to cooperate in order to research and discover a vaccine to the Dead End virus. With all nationwide communications severed and civilization destroyed in less than a day, two men travel the land alone, assailing zombie infested chemical weapons plants, bioengineering labs and government buildings in a desperate attempt to find the missing part of the puzzle that will enable an anti-virus to be created. The two diametrically opposed antagonists may be mankind's only hope to save them from the brink of extinction, in an undead world gone straight to Hell.

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