Head: Mega Marine Gung Ho * modified
Torso: Mega Marine Blast Off
Arms: Crimson Guard Commander
Crotch: Mega Marine Clutch
Thighs: Backblast
Lower Legs: Snow Storm
Helmet: Ozone
Noxious Fighter: Chap Mei/Toy Story jet

This is another custom I made for our Chat Custom Contest dealing with Eco Warriors. I wanted to make Wild Weasel look rugged and older so I decided on the Gung Ho head and added a full beard to it. I was rummaging through my parts and put together a hazmat suit that could double as a pilot's. I sanded off the number on his chest and added the custom toxic cobra I made. On his thigh, I put a map with the logo covering the area to be bombed, but you can't really tell in the pics.

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