Head-- ARAH Budo
Right arm-- Star Wars Clone
Left arm-- Star Wars
Waist-- Road Pig
Legs-- Venomous Maximus

Budo was in Tokyo investigating a Cobra lab with a squad of Green shirts when they were attacked by what can only be described as Zombies. Every member of the Green shirt squad was wiped out and Budo suffered a serious bite on his left arm. He fought until the last of the zombies were destroyed and passed out.

He woke up some time later floating in a regeneration tank his left arm replaced by a cybernetic machine. When no one came to take him out of the tank he used his new arm to break out.

Looking around he noticed that his tank was one of hundreds all empty and off. The only other thing in the room was a new set of armor missing the plates where a left arm should be.

Donning the armor he explored the facility he was in. finding no one he searched for hours. He came across an elevator and rode it some 200 floors to top. He exited into a scene from hell, buildings burned and corpses rotted in the smoke darkened day.

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