Head - ARAH Destro cast from JFAK
Body - McF. Spartan
Chainsaw - Chap Mei
Backpack - Laser Viper
Gun - ???

It was scant weeks before the failsafe Dead End anti-virus was completed. The U.S. government was secretly in talks with the infamous M.A.R.S. Corporation about purchasing the Dead End strain, a grizzly thrust to achieve a new and unstoppable WMD. Destro had assured his shadowy clients there was a cure; a contingent to ensure any type of problem could be neutralized. He lied. When the Government demanded a demonstration of the Dead End virus before purchase, the M.A.R.S. labs were close to finding the anti-virus, but were still missing key elements.

After the test subject broke loose and the initial outbreak began, The M.A.R.S. labs were among the first casualties. Within hours the entire complex was ravaged and overrun with zombies. Even with their highly trained guard and sophisticated weaponry, they were almost powerless to halt the oncoming tide of undead. Destro knew what horrors were soon to be, and immediately sought the new strength augmenting M.A.R.S. prototype combat and protection exoskeleton - the "Destroyer" armor from deep within the company's vaults.

The exoskeleton was designed for chemical shock troops, supplying them with an advanced air filtration system protecting them from any chemical bombardment. It is constructed from lightweight Kevlar and adamantium plates, and houses vast arrays of in-suit sensors, auto aim high intensity shoulder mounted laser cannons, a M.A.R.S. prototype auto pistol, grenades, pulse rifle, and a separate M.A.R.S. weapon (intended as a vehicular attachment) - the "Hellmouth" chain saw. Destro downloaded as much information into the suit's CPU as possible before he escaped, knowing that he was the only link to reversing the now worldwide carnage of his own creation.

As America's civilization and communications failed, Destro travels to ruined labs and secret facilities in an effort to find the elusive missing key to the anti-virus. With his newfound ninja ally in tow, Destro could unwittingly prove to be Mankind's only desperate hope for survival in the new nightmare world of the undead.

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