JvC Roadblock Head modded/painted
25A Snake Eyes v1 torso and legs (w/ Duke Holster, and SnEy v3 knee joints)
25A Snake Eyes v3 Arms
Dollar Store Batman cape modded
Barbecue shoulder armor
JvC Sand Viper helmet
25A Storm Shadow claws
Marauder Uzi.

Unlike T'Challa from the Marvel world (who used the name Luke Charles as an alias), Luke T. (T'Challa?) Charles is not the King of Wakanda. And he's not the hulking beast of a man from the comics either. Instead he is agile, stealthy, and strong, as his catlike qualities truly befit his codename.

Luke Charles, in the EXCAL world, was born in Wakanda, and really doesn't know much about his personal history, having been rushed from the country at a young age by a friend of his family during an especially bloody revolt overtaking that country. He has dual citizenship but has spent a large amount of his life in New York City, and had a "day job" in his adult life as a professor of African History at NYU. 

Panther's skills are born of his unique dual citizenship. He is, in many ways a child of the streets of New York, and much of his real life education came from those streets. After the death of the family friend who had rescued him, he was destined for a life of gang wars and violence, until a secret benefactor stepped in and paved the way for him to be set straight, to get a formal education, to escape the life he was headed for.

His skills are also born from his African heritage. Upon reaching his college years, Panther's summers were always spent doing research in Africa - partly for his scholarly endeavors, partly to find out what befell his family. He was never able to learn of his family, however, as his true identity as Wakandan royalty (under the T'Challa name) was not known to him. While in Wakanda, and in response to civil unrest in the region, Panther invoked his Wakandan citizenship to join the military in overthrowing a new revolution. In a twist of irony, this revolution was one inspired in the T'Challa name, to seize back the throne, which had been taken in that earlier revolution, years prior.

Panther soon found that he was a skilled warrior, and in later years upon his return to New York he meticulously found ways to hone these skills, to the point where he would use his warrior abilities to enforce a new level of justice in the streets where he spent his youth. But before he returned, Panther learned that he had helped to defend an unjust rule in Wakanda, and he left Africa in disgust, having unsuccessfully prevented the slaughter of many innocent people, who may or may not have been linked to the revolutionaries.

Given EXCAL's world changing agenda, a skilled warrior with the multi-cultural background of Luke Charles, and with his geo-political education and training was a prime candidate. Adopting the name of Panther, Luke Charles developed his training even further while with EXCAL, and was an early member of the Paladin Knight program. He is a good friend of Knighthawk's, and they cross paths with regularity.

Panther still does not know his own true identity, nor of his rightful place as the heir to the Wakanda throne. When he learns of the true fate of his family, following the ill fated attempt to recapture the country - and of the hand he played in their demise - we can guess things will not go well for the dictator presently running the show. Until then, Panther is a proud member of EXCAL, and while he still teaches at NYU on the side, is one of the premier Paladin Knights and ambassadors of good will, which the organization has found.

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