Head - Beachhead unmasked
Helmet - Cobra Trooper
Mask - Beachhead unmasked
Body - BAT

BAT Weapons

This Overkill is Robert Skelton, the original SAW Viper who killed the JOES in Trucial Abysmmia. The original BAT commander was Overkill, a highly advanced BAT that was too expensive to create more. After the COIL's attempt at world domination and Overkill was shot by Kamakura, he stowed away on Cobra Commanders sub. Cobra Commander enhanced his damaged body with parts of the original Overkill. In the end of the America's Elite series it is shown on a casualties list that Overkill was terminated in the Coffin in Greenland. This is misleading because Overkill had a group of BATS transfer his organic material to the body of another BAT. Now Overkill prefers to be a BAT field commander and try to raise his JOE body count. (See Marvel and Devil's Due series for some back story. New information to fit into my current story line.)

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