Head: Single Pack NS Snake-Eyes
Chest: NS Snake-Eyes
Arms: Single Pack NS Stalker
Waist: BTR Duke?
Legs: NS Iron Grenadier

Another foreign figure.

Cobra de Aco is one of the immediately recognizable figures based on the yellow/silver/black color scheme. Unlike the original figure, I didn't want it to look exactly like a Flash body with a Snake-Eyes head.

Instead of going the very tempting 25 route, I went with the less-traveled NS parts for this character. As it happened, the Stalker arms and Iron Grenadier legs already had padded areas that roughly matched up the original figure. The overly bulked Snake-Eyes chest seemed like a good candidate to repaint as separate armored panels. There were several heads that would have worked, but the Snake-Eyes (with the gi) had a head close enough to, but different enough from, to the original to give the right vibe.

Thanks for looking.

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