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Sigma -

Flint head
Sigma strike duke shoulders and forearms
shipwreck hands
shockwave torso and upper legs
lt. stone lower legs

jungle atv snakeyes helmet
duke v1 belt w/holsters
duke switchback blasters x 2
long range double barrel blaster
atv dagger
action jackson hockey stick
canteen from recondo

When I first returned to joecustoms I posted an extensive post filled with tons of sigma style joes. Looking for inspiration for the next I asked for the help of the board, who should I make next? the first answer was Back-Stop. The Canadian Joe... this is actually the third and final attempt at this, each one got closer and closer to feeling right when stepping outside my box and into a new direction, I used a new technique for the first time on this one, I was able to swap out the upper shoulder part between figures and opened up so many more avenues for the sigma scale. took me half an hour of redo and cussing to get the maple leaf, took me an hour to find a good referance, thanks canadian mist...half a bottle later I realized the flag on it's side and was ultimatly pleased with the flag that adorns the back of his hand. A nod to an old friend of mine is his heterochroma, two eye color, that is a lasting reminder of a fight he won, or lost... no one really wants to ask.

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