Head: 25th Flash times 2
Body: 25th Deep Six times 2

Fisrt off the head that Came with Deep Six was freakin' awesome. But it looked a little too good to be the maladjusted loner from the comic. Flash's head was just a no brainer. And since I had extras of both of them it gave me a chance to fix something that was really bugging me.

Deep Six always looked like an action figure laying face down in a vehicle. There was no interaction, no play value, nothing. I love the Sharc but it really stunk having to look at the back of the guy's head all the time.

I first colored the inside of the diving suit with a black sharpie to hide some of the weird detail and proprtions. Sprayed dulcote so it matched the sheen of his elbow joints, because that's really important to me for some reason. I then put Flash's head on Deep Six's body. That was the easier custom of the two.

For the other, I snipped the neck post down with some huge fingernail clippers, and after some trial and error figuring out the proper angle I could get away with; dremeled out the back of his head and just glued it the post. Since all this figure needs to do is sit in the Sharc. It's not like he has the greatest articulation anyway.

Now it looks like he's actually driving the thing. And it once again reminds me of how the original figure looked with that pug ugly head of his.

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