Head: Televiper

Body: Tripwire

Jet Pack: Jet Trooper

The Jet Trooper Captain leads a group of three Jet Troopers. I really like the new Jet Troopers, but you know Cobra Troopers will aimlessly wander around the battlefield without someone to guide them, so I had to make a Captain for the Jet Trooper.

There's really not much to say about this figure. I had a spare Tripwire just sitting around, so I dyed him blue to match the Televiper head. Slap a jet pack on him and you have the Jet Trooper Captain. The flag comes from a broken flag from the cobra stun.

Please bear in mind, most of my customs are LBC. I don't paint very well, so I pick parts that go good together with little or no paint.

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