Head, arms, torso- MK Liu Kang
Waist- Corps!
Legs- Quick Kick 85

This fellow is inspired and created from various martial arts archetypes found in martial arts movies, comics, and video games, which I am a huge fan of. I'm also a huge fan of tattoos.

Other than the detailing of the twin dragons on his chest and back, he was a rather simple creation. I always toyed with the idea of painting a detailed tattoo on a custom and figured the best place to start was to use a wide open area. What better place than on a big bare chest. The detailing of the dragons was a very difficult task, taking many hours of concentration and of course, a steady hand. With my daily distractions, A.K.A. work, it took me roughly 3 days to complete. I scanned the detailing of the dragons on his chest and back so everyone can see them as clearly as possible.

I don't really have a set purpose for this character, he was basically just something to do. But there's just something so cool about a martial artist with a large tattoo adorning his body, like for example, Vega from Street Fighter.

I'm very proud of this body of work and hope to do another tattoo job on a custom in the near future.

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