Armor Tech Rock & Roll

I figured that when it comes to space combat, the Soviets are going to want to be a part of it as much as G.I.Joe and Cobra, and sooner or later, they're going to get their hands on Armor-Tech technology. So we have ARMOR-TECH BIG BEAR.

Although the Armor-Tech figures can't be disassembled in the same way that a standard G.I.Joe figure can, I realized that the Armor-Tech Rock & Roll vould be turned into an effective Armor-Tech Big Bear just by changing the colors. They both have fairly heavy beards, etc. So I repainted the head (amazing even myself at how much it looked like Big Bear and how little it looked like Rock & Roll), and then altered the colors of the Armor-Tech suit. I think the "bare copper" somehow makes it look more "Russian" in some way, and of course the red trim compared to the original blue.

The red star insignia on the chest was molded by a friend of mine at the time out of resin, based on the original Big Bear's belt buckle, and then glued into place and painted.

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