Head: CobraCommander
Head "Unmasked": Blue Firefly
Body: Tripwire Comic Pack CC
Hands: Crimson Guard

Helmet: Cobra Senior Officer Officer
Sword: Destro

Nothing much to say that I haven't said already. I've been kind of lukewarm about most of the Cobra Commanders coming out. Doing some tweaking here and there. Bringing them up to spec.

This one now kinda resembles his early comic appearances; Kidnapping Dr. Burkhart, donning his battle helmet, etc...

I like how he looks like his Crimson Guards too. (Probably something to do with it being the SAME MOLD)

I also got the idea to use the worthless Blue Firefly head, threw that on, then decided to briefly re-enact the Devil's Due comic scene where Cobra Commander tosses his helmet to Serpentor, blowing it up in his face.

That was hilarious.

It didn't quite end with Serpentor having a blackened Wile E. Coyote face like this. But it probably should have.

One mask hides another, indeed, Serpy. Next time you get reanimated, use your genetic memory/experience from history's greatest military minds and try not to catch things that ruthless terrorist organization leaders throw at you.

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