Head: Venomous Maximus

Rest: Microman Predator

The new COIL would need Generals and Pythona had a plan. With help of Overlord, they aquired genetic material from 3 of the world's most feared tyrants. Xerxes I of Persia, Agamemnon, Vlad III the Impaler were all deemed too unstable for Lord Serpentor but would work nicely for their new General.

Pythona also added the to DNA recombination with earth's deadlist creatures for added power. Snake and crocodile, scorpion and spider, bear and wolf, all contribute to Maximus's gene template.

Empathy and compasion have been weeded right out his consciousness and replaced with reptillian cold-bloodedness, insectile purpose, and feral savagery. Also removed was all traces of ambition and was replaced with absolute loyalty to the God-Emperor.

Along with Overlord and Kobra Khan, Venomous Maximus served as a General in Serpentor's army, acting as a blunt weapon of mass destruction in battle.

Please bear in mind, most of my customs are LBC. I don't paint very well, so I pick parts that go good together with little or no paint.

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